Saturday, May 21, 2016

Special Announcement


The last couple months have been nothing short of... exhausting.  For a very good reason though! I'm pregnant with baby #3! We finally announced it to all of our family & friends, so it's safe to blog about now.

I wrote a blog post back in March about how I had baby fever, & little did I know at the time I was pregnant. I found out a couple weeks later!  God is good.  We truly prayed a lot about this.  Immediately after I prayed about it, I was lead to this verse:  "Marry & have children.  Then find spouses for them so that you may have many grandchildren.  Multiply! Do not dwindle away!" (Jeremiah 29:6.) I mean really?  This lines up perfectly with the conversation I had with that man in Florida about having more kids, & then having more grand kids when we're older & retired.  I don't believe this was a coincidence, I believe I was supposed to read this verse & it was our answer.  For someone who doesn't have a relationship with God, I can see how this may seem crazy.  I on the other hand, don't like to make any big decisions unless I feel like it's God's plan for our life.  So this was the confirmation we needed & here we are!!!

I've been nauseous of course, & tired.  Not quite as bad as with the last couple pregnancies though.  Or maybe I just knew what to expect & have kept it under control a little better.  First trimester is never easy, & today I am 12 weeks!  So the hardest part is hopefully almost to an end.

I took some pictures of my baby bump from week 6, because I swear that's when I started showing.  Sure, it was probably mostly bloat.  I wanted to document it anyway.  There was a moment there when I felt like I was pregnant with twins.  Here's what I've taken so far:

By the way, we saw the baby on an ultrasound a couple weeks ago.  Everything looks good, & my due date is 12/3!  Here is our pregnancy announcement we just did this last week:

We decided to go silly.  I wanted something that was different than the typical pregnancy announcement, & it had to say "Jackson 5" somewhere on it.  This announcement fits our family perfectly, lol.

Stay tuned for pregnancy updates, & all of the projects I will be doing to prepare for baby!  I am a nesting maniac during my pregnancies & LOVE projects!

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