Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pregnancy update & Gender reveal :)

Hey everyone!

I'm 16 weeks along now, & really starting to feel my energy & motivation come back!  Thank God.  There is NOTHING like first trimester nausea & exhaustion, especially while raising little ones & running a company at the same time.

At 14.5 weeks along, we went to get an ultrasound "sneak peak" to find out the gender... because I am quite possibly the most impatient pregnant woman alive.  I COULDN'T handle the anticipation any longer!

It's....... a....... BOY!!!

Lol & there he is.... looking like a baby alien still.  It almost looks like he's grinning for us! :)  

I know most people would think I freaked out that it was another boy.  Yes, I wanted a girl, but I wanted a boy also.  As long as my baby is HEALTHY... that's all I care about!  I think it's awesome that God wants me to be an all boy mom.  He knows I'm a tough girl that can handle the craziness & dirt.  Having 3 younger brothers prepared me for this, & I'm SO excited for the fun we're going to have  with our family of 5.  We are done after this!

We announced it to our friends & family with a gif made by the "Boomerang" app, but here's a pic from when we did the announcement:

And here are more belly pics continuing on from the last time I posted:

For fun, here's a pregnancy quiz I've done before on my blog during my last pregnancy, that I got from a friend:

Month/Week: 4 months, 16 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs? Maybe? I don't know I go to my appointment this Thursday.
Feeling: Relieved to have some energy back & less nausea. 
Missing: My toned body, I haven't been to the gym in months! 
Cravings: Lemon water, mostly carbs & blander foods, ice cream!
Anything making you queasy: The smell of bacon or sausage cooking in the morning, the smell of coffee (but I still drink it), mostly any weird smells first thing in the morning. Rest of the day I'm pretty good.
I'm Loving: Knowing it's a BOY!  I've been on Pinterest & dreaming of how I'll decorate his nursery & what fun things I will buy & make for him.
Happy or Moody: I was very moody first trimester but it's really getting better now! So happy!
Symptoms: Mild nausea in the morning, ITCHY BOOBS, my left ankle gets swollen when I'm on it for too long...
Sleep: I'm doing pretty good because I take a unisom at night for nausea, & it helps me sleep. Between the frequent potty breaks of course.
Wedding Rings On Still?:  Yes never had the swollen fingers.
Looking forward to: Vacation this summer with my family!

Officially a boy mom forever & SO excited about it.  Can't wait for upcoming projects to blog about, soon!