Thursday, July 21, 2016

DIY name pennant with pom poms!

Hi!  I've done my first craft for the nursery!  I kept seeing adorable pennant banners with pom poms on Etsy, but I figured I would try to make one myself.  I figured out a super easy way to thread the pom poms onto the string, & now I want to make a mobile too! This project was super easy so I thought I'd share a simple tutorial.

Supplies needed:

1.  Chipboard Pennants (I got a pack of them for $3.49 at Hobby Lobby, the 4" x 6" kind in natural.)
2.  Pom Poms (Also from Hobby Lobby, I got the medium size in white.)
3.  Sewing needle + thread.
4.  Acrylic paint in whatever color you want the pennants, & a paint brush.
5.  Letter stickers (I found them in the scrapbook aisle of Hobby Lobby, I got the little cardboard ones.)

How to:

Lay out your pennants & paint them whatever color you'd like.  DO NOT put newspaper underneath like I did, or you'll spend forever un-sticking them from the paper when they're dry like I did.  I blame the pregnant brain.

After the pennants are completely dry, stick on your letter stickers! Now, thread your needle & tie a few knots on the end.  Take your needle & poke it through the center of your pom poms, depending on how many you want on the ends.

After that thread through the pennants.  You could even do a pom pom between each letter if you want!

At the end, thread on the same amount of pom poms you did at the beginning.  Cut the string to the length you'd like it to hang.

Voila!  A fun little banner with pom poms.

I did mine all white to go with the neutral nursery I'm designing, but have fun with it & do colors & prints on the pennants if you want!

Baby Jace's nursery is all painted & next up, my husband is going to assemble the crib!  I can't wait to share pics of nursery progress & the final reveal! Stay tuned.

Oh, by the way!  I'm on Instagram a lot more than my blog these days (much quicker & easier to give little updates when juggling the kiddos.)  If you'd like to follow my IG account, it's @sincerelystevieblog! :)

UPDATE: To better secure on those stickers, I recommend dotting some glue on the backs as well so they don't fall off!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pink Blush Maternity dress review & a Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant now & finally feeling like I've got the "glow" going on.  There's something about pregnancy that makes you feel super human, & beautiful!  Today I wanted to give a little review on this amazing new dress I got from Pink Blush Maternity.  I'm obsessed with maternity dresses & Pink Blush does not disappoint! They have the PERFECT maternity clothes to make any mom-to-be look & feel fabulous.  Flaunt that bump while you've got it!  I chose a pink fitted dress that I felt flattered my body best (& shows off the bump really well). The fabric is SO soft, stretches just right, & fits perfectly.  I followed the measurements in their website guide when ordering & it worked out perfectly.  I love this dress & could seriously sleep in it! They also have it in many other colors.  Here it is:

Also, I am doing a Giveaway with Pink Blush for a chance to win a $75 gift card! To enter, please go to my Instagram page: & follow the rules to join!

Good luck!  Have a wonderful week friends!