Sunday, September 25, 2016

30 week bump update & some nesting projects!

Hello & Happy Sunday Funday!

Not a ton of funday action going on around here, but things are going well!  I'm choosing to be home & lazy these days on the weekends over doing anything else, I'm getting exhausted pretty easily!

I'm now in the third week of third trimester, at 30 weeks.  Next week I'll be down to the single digits of weeks left! Woohoo!

Here's a re-cap of my week-to-week belly pics.... I've skipped a few weeks but I've overall done a good job documenting the growing bump:

Some of the bump photos I've posted on Instagram:

One of the fun DIY projects we recently completed was a backpack station by our front door!!!  I am IN LOVE with it.  

Unfortunately, I don't have a tutorial of how it was done.  I come up with a vision in my head of what I'd like, tell my husband, & he wings the construction part of it without plans.  I painted it & helped him nail in boards.  If you'd like the instructions in a nutshell, here are my husbands words:

(2) 10' boards, 12" deep, 1" wide.
Cut them to fit the width wall.
Cut (4) 12" pieces off of the boards.
Screwed them together, painted.
Stained the back splash slats a dark wood stain.
Measured out equal distance for each cubby at the bottom.
We used brackets behind the back slats to hold them together once stain was dry.
We put the amount of slats we wanted to reach the preferred height, still allowing room for the shelf at the top.
Used (2) 1x4 & (1) 1x6 for the top shelf & screwed it to the backsplash. (This includes the boards on the sides too.)
Screwed the backsplash & the shelf into the wall.
Baskets at the bottom are from Target!

If you have a handy hubby who is good at this stuff, he may be able to figure out how to do it based off of the instructions above.  If you'd like further info on how to make this, please feel free to email me at: & we can go into it further with you! :)

Here is my fall porch display for this year:

My nesting doesn't end there.  In addition to these projects, I've completely gutted & re-organized our master closet, our walk-in pantry, 5 junk drawers & 3 utility drawers, the game room closet, the kid's closets, & coming up next will be our laundry room, master bathroom cupboards & possibly my office supplies.  I am a complete nesting maniac!!! 

Okay, I think that's enough for one post.

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I hope y'all have a wonderful week ahead!  Happy Fall!

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