Friday, October 21, 2016

My top "Mommy Essentials" Part One!

Hi everybody!

As a mom of two, & a third due in SIX WEEKS (eeeek!) I felt like I needed do a "mommy essentials" post sharing what I think are some must haves for mommies of new babies!

In the past three years since I've had Brody, there have been so many great products that have come out that I didn't have before!  I am so excited to share with you a handful of these items today, & will do another post very soon with some more of the products I'm super excited about this pregnancy.

Have y'all ever heard of The Baby Cubby?  It's a GREAT website for baby must-have items.  I'll share more about them in a bit, but first, here are some of my FAVES right now:

1.  The Coco and Kiwi Provence 5-piece diaper bag.
GAHHHHH!!!! Can you say gorgeous?!  I've had a crush on this fabulous bag for months now, & finally got one.  I am absolutely obsessed.  The style, quality & space inside are perfect!  Do I really have to WAIT until Jace gets here to use it?  I'm going to try my best not to so it's fresh & clean when baby arrives but I'll be drooling over it daily for the next 6 weeks.

2.  The DockATot Deluxe.
One of the greatest inventions for mommies & babies that I've come across since being a mom!  I so wish I had one of these with my first two.  This is going to work SO well for the early months when I'm not ready to put Jace in his crib yet for bed time & need him safely sleeping next to me.  It'll be so easy to just get him out to nurse him in the middle of the night when he's sleeping right next to me in this! It's also great for them to just lounge & play in during the day.

3.  The Owlet Baby Monitor.
This monitor connects to your blue tooth & notifies you in the middle of the night if your baby's heart rate or oxygen level has dropped below normal!  I am amazed at the technology we have these days.  This monitor is going to be SO helpful for giving me peace of mind when I put Jace in his crib & am not next to him all night long.

Those are my top 3 picks at the moment, & there will be more posts to come with additional items I am loving right now!

All of the items I listed above can be found at: The Baby Cubby.  I highly recommend shopping through them, they have the best products available right now & are truly a great resource during this sometimes challenging season of motherhood!

A little bit more about this amazing company:

The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. The Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there, we know what it’s like and we are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing they are and how important their role is.  

You can read a little bit more about what they're passionate about and why they do what they do on their about us page here -

Also... they price match (even with Amazon), & free shipping on orders $50 or more!

Thanks so much for checking out this post, I'll be back soon with some more fun mommy items I want to share.  :)

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My tips on how to survive the cold & flu season... all things that have worked wonders for us!

Hey everyone!

I've had it on my heart for awhile now to do this post, & I'm finally sitting down to make it happen.

Let me start by saying, I am in no way shape or form in the medical field, & I am not trying to give anyone medical advice.  I believe in modern medicine & the blessing that it can be to many people, so this blog post is not to encourage avoiding doctor's visits at all.  If you're sick, do what you need to do!

With that being said, let me tell you a little bit of a back story:  We moved to Texas last July of 2015.  Literally as SOON as my oldest son Cole started pre-k, the sickness began.  Our family was hit with more viruses & sicknesses than we could count.  This went on continually for months, if one person got better, another would get sick.  There wasn't a moment when all 4 of us were healthy for at least 3 months, maybe longer!  We've always been a pretty healthy family, so our theory is that because we moved to a new state, our immune systems were exposed to a whole bunch of new viruses & germs.

So after about a month or so of this happening, I started getting super frustrated & realized that I needed to be more pro-active in trying to PREVENT my family from getting sick in the first place.  The only thing our family really did was take vitamins, & that was sometimes even forgotten.

After months of misery, I made the decision to become a diligent, virus-fighting mommy soldier.  I was so sick of being sick, seeing my babies sick, & my husband being sick... enough is enough!!!  I started doing research on ways to make my family healthier & able to fight off sickness better/quicker.

One of my very good & most trusted friends introduced me to essential oils by Young Living.  I had heard of them before but didn't know much, & honestly some MLM company reps are so over bearing & quite the turn off on social media these days, so I hadn't paid much attention.  But this friend of mine has such a passion for how these oils have changed her health so drastically, that it definitely sparked my attention.

I started learning all about how oils come from the plants & trees of God's green earth, & with quality oils from companies like Young Living, they're bottled directly at the source with no added fillers or chemicals.  I believe that God created a remedy for every symptom we could have & these remedies come from the earth!  Sometimes we get very sick & need medicine from the doctor, but when we prevent ourselves from getting sick in the first place by using natural remedies, many times we don't have to get to that point!

I was amazed at all of the different oils there are.  I signed up with Young Living so I could receive the starter kit that gets your started with some of the best oils & got a diffuser.  I ordered glass roller bottles (from Amazon) & started educating myself on which oils to use on my family & when.

BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!  We are officially an oily family now.  Even my stubborn husband who rolled his eyes about it all in the beginning has become a believer.

I think my #1 favorite oil is Thieves.  This is a blend of oils that help our immune system.  I use thieves in addition to oregano, orange, lavender, lemon, & clove diluted with organic olive oil in a roller.  I apply this to my whole family's feet every night before bed.  The reason I apply it to the bottoms of our feet is because it's most easily absorbed into our systems that way, & it prevents the kid's skin from getting irritated from the oils.  (So I make the blend extra potent knowing the bottoms of their feet won't get irritated.)

When I started using these oils on a daily basis, my family started getting sick a lot less, & eventually hardly at all!  Am I saying your family will NEVER get sick if you use oils? Most likely not. But I can tell you from personal experience that with diligent use, it has made a HUGE improvement for us.  Also, when someone does get sick, they're better SO fast!!! I am amazed at how much quicker we recover from any sickness now.

So far, this cold & flu season hasn't been NEARLY as brutal as last year, & I give most of the credit to my oils.  My sons got a stomach bug for half a day, & then they were better immediately.  Then they got a mild cold that lasted for maybe a few days, when last year it would have lasted weeks.  I got my first cold just recently & it was also gone within a couple days.  You guys.... this is a NIGHT & DAY difference from last year's nightmare!!!

There are so many more oils I could tell you about, & many different reasons why I love them, but this post would go on forever.  I have oils for night time to help us sleep, calming oils I put in the diffuser for the family to breathe in during relaxing evenings, & so much more.

In addition to oils, I've also added a couple other homeopathic remedies to our routine that also have played a part in our family staying so much healther:

- Bragg Apple Cider vinegar (with the "mother", a splash in the kid's juice bottles every morning.  For myself I will just add a splash to a glass of water or juice & chug it down.)
- Probiotic powder (also in the kid's juice every morning, I get ours from Sprouts! My husband & I will take capsules daily.)
- Multi-vitamins (we've tried many kinds, but my kids love gummies from sprouts or I hide liquid vitamins in their juice sometimes too!)
Also, of course don't forget diligent hand washing, & trying to get fruits/veggies in your family's diet daily... finding ways to sneak them in is easy if you search on Pinterest. ;)

If you have ANY questions regarding oils, or any of the other stuff I mentioned, please feel free to email me!
Or, you can DM me on Instagram, my handle is: @sincerelystevieblog.

If you're interested in purchasing oils from Young Living & starting a new healthy lifestyle routine with your family, you can go to this link:

I recommend the starter kit that comes with a home diffuser!  You get so many amazing oils & the package deal is amazing. :)

I hope your family isn't suffering this fall the way we did last year.  If so, know there is hope!  I hope that by sharing what I have today, I am helping at least one family get a little bit healthier! I wouldn't have known any of these things if it weren't for it being shared with me.

Have a wonderful rest of your week my friends!