Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Mommy Essentials" part 3!

Hi everyone :)

It's time for the third & final part of my Mommy Essentials series, & I'm so excited to share with you some more of my favorite products that I think you'd love for your babies too!  I'm so excited for Jace to get here, I can hardly stand it!

1.  Milk Snob car seat & nursing cover.  Did you guys watch Shark Tank last Friday?!  I was SO excited to see the owner of Milk Snob on the show.  She had 3 sharks fighting over investing because her product is genius!  It's a car seat cover that converts into a nursing cover AND shopping cart cover for baby. When on the car seat there's just a little slit at the top that keeps strangers from touching your baby while in the car seat which I LOVE.  The lightweight & stretchy fabric is great for the nursing cover side of it, because if you've ever nursed a baby under a hot blanket you can understand why this is necessary!  These come in all kinds of cute prints, my choice was the black & white stripes!  There are some gorgeous floral print ones for all you girl mamas.  Definitely grab yourself one of these!
2.  Mint & Arrows swaddle sack.  Do you SEE how adorable this thing is?? I chose the Batman mask print because it just fits in so perfectly with out super hero obsessed fam.  I love that you don't have to wrap or tuck, just slide your little baby right in there so they're nice & cocooned in.  With a matching little hat to match, your baby will be snoozin' in style & comfort.  I can't wait to get some pics of Jace in his ASAP!
3.  Baby B Fresh Pacifier & Bottle Sanitizer.  Have you ever seen that Huggies commercial where the mom drops the baby's pacifier on the floor & just uses her mouth to clean it off for the baby?  Yeah, I've done the same thing.  Gross!  I'm so excited to have found this cool sanitizer that will take care of the germs for me this time.  It sanitizes not only bottles & pacifiers, but also sippy cups & some teething toys.  The older I get, the more of a germaphobe I become when it comes to my kids, so this couldn't have come into my life at a better time.  ;)  There are 3 to choose from:  the bear, ducky & tiger.  So cute!
4.  Nuroo nursing scarf.  I'm a huge supporter of breast feeding.  My mom always told me that it was a wonderful experience & that made me determined to nurse my babies for a long time as well.  Which I did, & will with Jace too of course.  That being said, I feel like it's crucial to find a nursing cover that is not only practical but stylish.  Why?  That way you are comfortable feeding your baby anywhere you go in public, & feel completely confident doing it.  I never knew there were nursing covers that actually turn into cute little scarfs too, until I discovered Nuroo!  It's a super soft & breathable for when you're nursing your little one, & then turns into a trendy little accessory.  I love more bang for my buck!  I chose the ivory with grey stripes, but they have other prints too.  I'm taking this to the hospital with me to use right when my little love comes out! :) 
5.  Bloom Baby Sensitive Wipes.  I learned the hard way with my first son that buying just any type of wipe was not going to cut it.  Not only do my babies all have very sensitive skin like I do, but if there are any chemicals in the wipes whatsoever it makes their little bottoms turn red & get diaper rash.  These wipes are made with 98% natural ingredients, they're hypo-allergenic & formaldehyde free, safe for rash prone skin (like my boys), they have a sensitive moisturizing lotion in them, & are enriched with vitamins A, B-complex, D, Omega-3, & 6!  Wow!  I have a feeling that Jace will have the same skin as the rest of us do, so I'm happy that I have these safe & sensitive wipes to use on him from day one.  These are available at select target locations!

There are many products I love so much, but I'm going to wrap up my series for now!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite products & love them as much as I do.

Time to put these crazy boys to bed now!  Good night! :)

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