Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day! My favorite date night look + Irresistible Me Extension before/after!

Good morning loves!

Happy Valentines Day!  Today is one of my favorite holidays.  I think it's great we have a day of the year dedicated to showing the people in our life that we love them!  Shouldn't every day be Valentines Day?  I think so.  ;)  If you're single, you can still celebrate!  Show your family, friends, or YOURSELF some love!

This day is very special to Michael & I because he proposed to me on Valentines Day of 2005.  So every year I like to get all pretty & done-up for him, & then we go on a date.  Today will be the first year in 12 years that we aren't going out... we can't leave baby Jace with a sitter because he won't take a bottle.  He's also only 10 weeks so I'm not sure my mommy heart is ready to part from him yet.  SO, we are putting them all to bed at 7:30 & doing a romantic date night at home.  I'm still going to get pretty for my man because it's one of my favorite parts of Valentines Day.  I want to keep it as romantic as possible... & the sweat pants + messy bun look MIGHT not be so cute.  Haha!

I wanted to share my favorite date night beauty tricks.

1.  Hair Extensions! Specifically Irresistible Me clip-in extensions I shared all about in my last blog post! There's nothing that makes me feel more glamorous than thick, long hair.  It's such a fun transformation when you want to feel extra pretty!  I never got around to showing the before & after photos with the Irresistible Me extensions in so here they are:

There are 2 main reasons I LOVE these extensions:  
1.  The quality of the hair.  Like I explained in my previous post, I have tried many different kinds of extensions, & the quality MATTERS believe me.  These are real human hair, thick & silky, & style SO well with whatever hair tool you want to use on them.  (In these pics I used a 2" curling wand).  
2.  How EASY they are to put in!  This is the first time I've used clip-ins & I'm not looking back.  I've had extensions damage my hair a TON & I lost chunks of hair when they came out.  These extensions can't do that your hair, which is why they're amazing.  Plus, you can take them out & put them in so quickly/easily unlike most other types of extensions.

To get some of these for yourself, here's the link! https://www.irresistibleme.com/

2.  A GOOD fake tan! As some of you may know, I have my own spray tanning business.  I encourage you to find a good spray tan artist in your area who uses QUALITY solution.  You get what you pay for.  Trust me, I've tested every kind there is.  I could go on & on about spray tan solutions but that's for a different day.  (Message me if you have any questions & I'd be happy to answer them for you).  If you don't have time to go get a good spray tan, here is my current favorite AT HOME self tanner:

You can find this at Sally's Beauty Supply.  It's super dark so WEAR GLOVES or your palms will turn dark brown!  It's FAR from orange & looks gorgeous on.  The foam is so much easier to blend than lotion & you can see it as you rub it in, helping you to avoid streaks.  :)

3.  Fake lashes!  Ladies, I've been using these since dance team days in high school.  I have NO eyelashes so I feel so much better with these on.  If you're a newbie, don't be intimidated.  They're actually really easy to put on.  You just put a skinny line of glue along the edge & slowly/carefully place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible.  Put one finger on each end of the lashes & hold there for about a minute.  The glue dries clear.  My favorite ones are these:

I've used many different kinds though... as long as they're the kind that are all in one piece.  I don't do the individual lashes!  You can find them everywhere that sells makeup!  I usually get them from Target.

4.  Bold lips!  I'm all about a good berry colored lip stick right now.  I've bought a ton of different shades recently & my FAVORITE one I've found is Katy Perry lipstick in "Kitty Purry".  I found mine at Target... it's so pretty!

All of the above tricks in addition to the rest of your makeup, maybe a little bit heavier on the eyeshadow & bronzer + a sexy outfit, & you'll be feeling like a new woman for your date! ;)

I hope you enjoyed these tips even thought they're a little bit out of the norm from what I usually post!  It's important to feel good about ourselves & not forget about looking good for our hubbies even when we're tired & busy mamas.  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!

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