Monday, February 6, 2017

Irresistible Me Hair Extension review!

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to be partnered up with Irresistible Me hair extensions.  I've had a tad bit of an obsession with hair extensions ever since the early 2000's when Paris Hilton went from her chopped off hair to those long silky blonde extensions.  SO cheesy I know, but I have always loved the idea of being able to go from short hair to long whenever you please!  I used to have super short hair & during the awkward process of growing it out, hair extensions SAVED me.

The very first kind I tried were from Sally's Beauty Supply back in 2004!  I GLUED them to my scalp!  HORRIBLE.  Those did so much damage to my hair.  I used those for a few years.  When I turned 25 in 2008 I chopped my hair off again & after about 6 months I wanted extensions again during the grow out stage.  That's when I had the bead hair extensions put in.  Those were okay but a lot of maintenance required.  Every 4 weeks back to the salon to have them tightened.  They also cost an arm & a leg!  After that, I started getting the weft extensions that are basically put in with hair tape.  Those were better than the beads but still a ton of maintenance to have them tightened regularly.  When I got pregnant with Brody, I decided to take out my extensions for awhile.

Well, I haven't had them since, but I had been hearing so much about clip in extensions which I had never tried.  My hair is long & pretty thick/super fine.  I've always been interested in getting some clip-in hair extensions for special occasions.  I love to have extra thick hair to play with & style.  Something about it makes me feel like a Barbie doll. ;)

So that's what I wanted to share today, are these GORGEOUS clip-in extensions by Irresistible Me.  I got 22" platinum ones from the Silky Touch category.  The 22" are 200g of hair.  That is A LOT.  They actually came with so much hair, I can't fit it all on my head!  Not a bad problem to have, now I just have extra hair that will last me a long time. :)

Here is what the fun packaging looks like:

 Here's all of the hair it comes with!!


Putting them in was SUPER easy.  No teasing of the roots required.  I'm going to do another post showing my before/after, but here's a picture of how I looked after putting them in & styling them for the first time:

Here is the link to the Irresistible Me website to get some of your own. Have I mentioned how affordable they are?!

I love them so much! Next post coming ASAP.  Now time to go rock a screaming baby who WILL. NOT. SLEEP!!!

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