Friday, July 28, 2017

Jace's Current "Must Haves" at 7.5 months!

Jace is almost 8 months old now.

He's got 2 bottom teeth, crawling, pulling himself up to standing, & currently discovering the wonderful world of "Baby Led Weaning"!  Apparently I've been living under a rock, but I discovered this amazing technique JUST NOW with my third child.  I happened to post on my Facebook & Instagram stories asking about how to satisfy a baby who wants more than milk & purees at 7 months old.  SO glad I did, I now know what to do. ;)  More on that another time though, this post is already getting off track!

I wanted to share with y'all my FAVORITE items for Jace at the moment.  He's now out of the infant stage & I feel like this is the age where a lot of the most important "baby gear" items start to become more necessary than ever before.

Here they are:

1.  The Regalo Play Yard::
Moms of more than one, we've all been there.  Your baby is on a crawling mission to find every piece of fuzz or tiny piece of plastic on your carpet possible, so he can put it in his mouth.  Meanwhile your potty training kid needs his butt wiped & your older child needs help finding his favorite toy, simultaneously.  Your baby is now at the age where the bouncer isn't going to keep him happy long.  He wants to MOVE.  So you need a place to set him & let him play with some SAFE objects.  Enter: the play yard.  It's crucial, I highly recommend it.  Regalo's also isn't so ginormous that it takes up your entire living room either.  I put ours over by the window so Jace can see outside & it's out of the way at the same time. :) OH! It's also lightweight & portable.  We will be taking ours to the park soon so Jace can hang out in the shade while I push the big boys on the swings.  Win win!

2.  Guzzie + Guss Perch clip-on high chair::
I cannot stand traditional high chairs.  There, I said it.  Once I knew that clip-on high chairs existed, there was no turning back for me.  Not only can baby be up close to the dinner table & join us as a family for meals, but it takes up NO space! No giant chairs/trays to clean after every meal!  The cover is removable & machine washable.  Sold!

3.  The "Rest" by Hatch Baby:
This genius little invention is a white noise maker with 11 different sound options, a night light with every color option imaginable, & has an "okay to wake" feature.  The best part about it?  You can control it all right from your phone.  Download the app & it connects by blue tooth.  So after you put your babe to bed, you can adjust the volume, the sound it's making, the color of the light, turn down the light, or set a timer for it to shut off whenever you'd like.  I am SO happy I no longer need a bulky fan collecting dust & taking up space in the nursery any more.  When Jace transitions to a big boy bed down the road, I can use the "okay to wake" feature so he knows when he can come out of his room in the morning & for naps.  I can also set it to come on at his exact bed times too & shut off whenever I want.  Brilliant!

4.  Baby Moccasins::
One of my favorite baby tips to give new moms: DON'T buy them shoes until they're walking.  There's no point, & they kick them right off.  UNTIL baby Mocassasins came along.  They are designed to not fall off! They're comfy on baby's feet & oh-so stylish.  I don't put any other shoes on my boy.  I wish I had them when Cole & Brody were babes!  I get Jace's moccs from Sweet 'n Swag.  They now have a new style of shoe with the same "stay put" technology they use for the moccs, they're called "Moxfords".  I got a pair of these for Jace too so we can mix up styles.  These shoes are VERY well made & haven't fallen apart either. :)

(This is Jace wearing his first pair of white moccs.  He now has 4 pairs total & I won't put him in any other shoes!)

5.  Teething necklaces by Tiny Teether:
I'm not sure if these existed when Cole & Brody were babies but if they did, I sure missed out.  Jace LOVES these necklaces to gnaw on.  They soothe his gums SO well & he actually throws a fit when I take them away from him!  They're super modern & stylish looking too so I actually like them as an accessory which is a win/win right?!  Check out their new Modern Mom line, you'll love it!

6. One piece outfits like Rags to Raches:  Night time is so easy with zip up footsie pajamas right?  So during the day I like to avoid having to deal with multiple pieces as well.  (Onesie, pants/shorts, etc).  I'm ALL about the rompers or one piece outfits!  Here in Texas it's hot so I love the sleeveless ones with shorts.  I adore these ones by Rags to Raches because the style is more trendy than your traditional romper.  No need to remove bottoms & unbutton a onesie to change diapers.  These ones are so adorable, check them out!

(This is not Jace's Rags to Raches romper, this is by Cat & Jack from Target... another favorite line!)

I hope you enjoyed! Until next time. :) xoxo


  1. Great post Stevie! I love seeing these simple things that make mom-life just a little bit easier. And your little guy is just pure sweetness!!