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Our family update, recent partnerships & some pics!

Oh my goodness.  I haven't blogged since February.  I had to take a hiatus though because... life.   Sometimes I feel like it's justified, since I post almost daily on my Instagram (@sincerelystevieblog). If you don't follow me there though, you probably assumed I fell off the face of the Earth.  Sorry about that.

So I feel like I should give a bit of an update on us:

We are doing well!  Let's start with my hubby.  He has been working HARD, & long hours, he started a new company this year & it's been insane.  He is now putting on Expos for the auto industry.  He's been in the business for over 10 years & a part of these Expos as a vendor & key-note speaker, but now he actually started a company that is throwing their own.  It's exciting, scary, & SO much work.  So needless to say I've been on my own with the kiddos more than I was when he was working from home.  I'm not complaining though, I would take a hard working/driven/entrepreneur husband over the opposite any day.  Right?  He still manages to somehow put us first too, which is what makes him so incredible.

MJ's birthday Feb 4th, we celebrated at Medieval Times in Dallas. 

I'm doing great.  I was missing my family like crazy so right after Jace was born I started planning a family vacation with my brother.  We all met in SoCal for a Disneyland trip.  We started in Palm Springs to visit my mom & her boyfriend at their new home, & then finished the trip with my brother in OC.  It was absolutely wonderful & I never wanted it to end!

The day we arrived in Palm Springs, this is at my mom's!

The infamous "Pink Door" in Palm Springs... it has it's own Instagram page & hashtag.  Check it out.

2 days at Disneyland with my brother & his family.  We were in heaven & had such a great time!

Beach day in Corona Del Mar!

I joined Mops right after Jace was born, at our church.  I fell in love with it so much that I decided to join leadership for the upcoming Mops year which starts in September.  So, all of that is getting started right now which is super exciting.  One might think "how do you have time for that?" but honestly, if I am spending my free time in any way, I want it to be helping other mamas on this crazy journey, & help them know Jesus.  I also love being actively involved in my church, & it doesn't hurt that it's with a tribe of awesome mamas.  I'm also still going strong with my spray tan business & have a little salon out of my home.  I enjoy doing that on the side so much! Other than all of that, trying to make time to grow my "Insta-blog" life, & take care of my 3 sweet boys, that's about it!

Cole turned 6 in April & graduated from KINDERGARTEN.  His last day of school was super emotional for me.  His teacher was SUCH a gem, & Cole was blessed enough to have her as a teacher for her last year teaching at his school.  Cole did soccer for 8 seasons straight with Michael coaching, so we are taking a break for the summer.  Cole becomes more & more like me every day, proving to be the "mini-me" of the 3 boys.  He's VERY type-A, talkative, outgoing, social, smart, & friendly.  One part of him that is more like Michael than me, is he's extremely good at math.  Also interested in it!  I hated math.  Cole is showing to be more "left brained" than I was as a kid.  I know I'm bragging but I can't help it, he scored perfect on his entire report card & math assessment at the end of the year.  I know that doesn't seem like much in Kindergarten but here in Frisco, TX it is!  I hope he continues to do this well in school & his love for learning never dies!

Brody graduated his first year of pre-school!  He also had two of the most AMAZING teachers who taught him so much about Jesus.  I was amazed at the things he would say when he came home from school, & the bible stories that he learned about.  His teachers told me that he was so good in class, always cooperated & was friends with everyone.  Brody tried soccer but I think it was a little too early for him to be interested.  He'd run on the field for a couple seconds & then say he was done for the game.  Lol!  We will be trying sports with him again this next year though, because I am convinced he is my athlete.  He's the most physical one of my boys yet!  He's built like a football player so far... not sure if that's a sport he'd be interested in but it'd sure be cool!  Brody is turning 4 this month on the 21st.  His best friend Marco from school (whose mommy is one of my favorite people on Earth) also has a summer birthday.  Since Brody & Marco are attached at the hip, & Marco leaves for vacation over their birthdays, we decided to throw them a joint party last weekend.  We will celebrate Brody turning 4 again though on his actual birthday!

This is actually from 5 months ago, but I had to share them... he's so photogenic it's insane!

Jace just turned 7 months old!  He is my EASIEST & happiest baby yet.  Thank God for that!  I always say that if I would have had him first, I probably would have wanted 10 more kids.  He is just so "go-with-the-flow", adaptive to every situation, a fast/efficient nurser, & can I just say how OBSESSED with his brothers he is?!  It's the most beautiful thing watching the 3 of them together.  Jace is on the VERGE of crawling as we speak, he's so determined to be able to follow them around everywhere.  He's currently loving just sitting on the living room floor & playing with his toys, especially when the boys play with him.  Jace has just been a dream come true.  I'm truly holding onto every stage, every moment, every phase he's in with all that I have, knowing that he's my last baby.  Now that I know just HOW fast it's over, I want to cherish every second.  Even when I'm sleep deprived & delirious, I don't even care.  I love him like crazy.

Recently I was featured on Little Miss Dessa's blog "How Does She Do It?" series.  I'm honored to even be a part of anything with a title like that.  It's a fun interview that was done back in March if you'd like to take a peak!

As my Instagram account has grown, I've partnered with some amazing companies.  It's been a pleasure working with brands that I love & sharing my reviews on products I truly believe in & love! I work with a lot of baby & children's products/clothing, & some products for women as well.  I recently became a Pink Blush ambassador which is awesome, I love their clothes! I've blogged about many of these companies in the past & posted about all of them on Instagram of course, but I thought I'd re-cap some of the ones here in this post that I haven't put on my blog yet:

It was an honor to partner with Taylor Golden's Wild Bird baby sling.  Jace loved it before he grew out of it!  

After seeing the sharks on ABC's the Shark Tank fight over who got to invest in Tranquilo Mat, I knew I had to have Jace try it.  I will talk about it more in an upcoming sleep training post.  This gorgeous personalized blanket pictured is by Jennifer Ann by Julianna Creations.  This is my favorite baby blanket for Jace & I love that he will have it forever!

Teething Toes - put a sock on your baby's foot with toes on it for them to teeth on! Brilliant right?!

The boys were sent tons of adorable swim trunks & swim briefs by Stella Cove.  Amazing quality & super cute designs.  They're living in them this summer!

Super cute kimono by Pulse Fashion.

A dress & top by Pink Blush.  I've received a lot of great pieces from Pink Blush that I love, & will continue to post my favorites since I'm an ambassador for them now!  One hint when ordering from them: Everything runs pretty big.  So order a size down!

Such a fun top that says "Messy bun & getting stuff done" by My Cheeky Baby & this organic bamboo teething necklace that Jace LOVES by Jellie Maples!

One of my favorite items for Jace, this teething ring attached to a lovie by Little Ewe & Me on Etsy.  So precious!

This top I got SO many compliments on by Ford and Wyatt & the boy's organic cotton outfits by Colored Organics which are SO soft!

Jace's cute onesie with one of my favorite bible verses printed on it by Ebon and Ivory!

Monthly subscription box of books by Bookroo. It's nice to have a new couple books arrive in the mail every month to keep things new. ;)

So many cute tanks by Betty Rukus, I live in them.

Coming soon I'll be posting all about the current "must-haves" for Jace, I have some awesome products to share with y'all!  I also have a lot more planned, so stay tuned!

Don't forget to follow me on my Instagram for more frequent updates on what's happening in our family. Thanks for reading friends!

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