Thursday, October 26, 2017

Baby Wearing with Lille Baby!

Happy Friday eve!

With each of my boys, I've used many different types of baby carriers.  I've tried wraps, slings, & front/back carriers.  They are all great honestly, but I think there's a place & time for each type of baby carrier.

For me & Jace in THIS phase of life, I only use the sling if we're at home.  To be honest, he's pretty much outgrown the sling now.  He's just so big & when we're at home he's all about walking now.  (Yes, Jace started WALKING!)

I guess you can say my hands (and my heart) are EXTREMELY full these days. 

We're always on the go.... school drop offs, errands, appointments, school pick ups, soccer games, Mops, church, birthday parties, etc etc, you know how mom life is.  When we're in & out of the Suburban so many times a day, I don't always have the time (or patience) to pull out the stroller.  It's not always necessary either.

Thankfully I have the perfect baby carrier by Lille Baby to help with keeping my little tag along (Jace) safe & happy next to mommy during all of our outings. :)  I have the Complete Embossed Luxe Baby Carrier in Brilliance.  It's as fabulous as it sounds.

First off, let me start by saying this carrier STANDS OUT above the rest.  Here are 4 reasons I LOVE this one so much:

1.  It can be SIX different ways. SIX!  (Front fetal, front infant, front outward, front toddler, hip & back carry).  I like wearing Jace front outward or back carry. Jace loves it too.  The first time I put him in the carrier he cracked us up, he had a silly little smile on his face like "wow mom this is cool!" ;)

2.  It's the most GORGEOUS baby carrier you've ever seen.  It's beyond glamorous.  I feel like it was made for princesses. Lol! (They have other colors in this same carrier, & a TON of other carrier options as well.  I just really liked the white with gold because it's stunning & matches everything).

3.  It has lumbar support.  When I wear Jace on the front, he's so heavy that I like to have the padding on my lower back.  I don't feel any back pain when using this feature!

4.  It has a sleeping hood.  I use this every time I drop Brody off at school because Jace is always sound asleep by the time we arrive. 

So if you're looking for the right carrier, I highly recommend trying this one.  It's nice to have a lot of support, & multiple carrying options in my opinion.  It's also nice to have a carrier that can be used from birth until they're bigger (this one you can use until the your child is 45 lbs)!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The snuggle is real.

Good morning!

I can honestly say that I'm at a point in motherhood where I'm getting ENOUGH sleep!  This isn't because the kids are sleeping well either, it has a lot to do with our new Tomorrow Sleep mattress that I blogged about last month.  (The kids ARE sleeping pretty well, but I wouldn't be sleeping this great if it weren't for the best mattress on Earth).

We spend a lot of time in bed.  We're a family that likes to be lazy, cuddle, watch movies, cuddle some more, & SLEEP.  (I think Michael & I like the sleeping part more than the kids do).

If you haven't been sleeping well, have back pain, & don't LOVE your bed, you should consider a mattress upgrade already.  Seriously.  This is a hybrid mattress that uses coils & memory foam, & you get FREE mattress delivery! Nothing beats that.

I mentioned in my last post that there are sleep trackers you can get with your mattress as well, & the most CUDDLE worthy comforter EVER too, that I'm in love with.  (My husband knows because I steal it from him every night).

Also, I have good news.  If you're ready to upgrade your sleep life, you can get $100 off a $500 order using STEVIE100 (expires 12/31/17).  Go visit: Tomorrow Sleep's website to order.  (You can choose medium firm or medium soft, we chose soft!)

If you have any questions about this mattress, the trackers, etc... I'd be happy to answer!  Don't forget to follow my instagram page for daily updates on our life. :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A little living room makeover for fall + our new Lorena Canals rug!

Hi friends :)

I love decorating for fall, it gives me a warm & happy feeling inside when the weather starts cooling down & the leaves start changing.  This year I felt like doing a mini makeover in the living room at the same time as I was putting up the fun fall stuff.  If you've been following my blog all of these years, you'll know that one thing I've always done is re-decorate A LOT!  I like to keep things fresh & new, it makes me happy!

My favorite part of this mini makeover is our new rug by Lorena Canals!  I. AM. IN. LOVE.  Not only is it PERFECT for our living room but it's MACHINE WASHABLE!!!  I didn't know machine washable area rugs even EXISTED.  What a perfect addition to our messy home with 3 crazy rug rats & 2 chihuahuas, seriously.  Where has this rug been all my life?

I'm SO in love, that from now on when a new mom asks me what tips I have for her, I'm going to say "You need machine washable area rugs!" ;)  Kids are the messiest creatures on Earth.  I don't care if you're an extreme neat freak like I am, & follow them around all day cleaning up, your rugs will get destroyed.  We've made the mistake for years buying rugs that cannot be washed.  Not only have our kids spilled multiple drinks & many kinds of food on them, but our 2 chihuahuas have done a number on them as well.  We once had 4 area rugs rolled up in our garage to be thrown away at bulk pickup garbage day because we had no way to clean them. 

You may have seen Lorena Canals in MANY Instagram photos these days because they're majorly trending, but they're also loved by celebs & Vogue magazine too. There's a reason they're so popular.  They have the CUTEST designs, colors, & prints to choose from in addition to being machine washable.  Their rugs fit into a standard washer & dryer, & you can find styles for adult spaces & kids rooms too!  They're HANDMADE with natural dyes & contain no VOC's like most other rugs.  I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted the most because I love them all.  I don't have to worry that it's a light color because when it gets dirty I know now that I can just pop it in the washer & dryer and can keep it clean forever.

 I'm in love with it and it makes the most perfect addition to our living room.  I adore the tassles on the edges as well.  It's also SUPER easy to vacuum!  Our last area rug was thick & I couldn't vacuum it so it collected goldfish crumbs, cheerios, dirt, legos, you name it, haha!  Their prices are very reasonable especially for how well made they are & knowing you will be able to keep it forever with being able to maintain it with machine washing & drying.  Oh... and if you are as in love with the rugs as I am, you should also check out the washable cushions they have as well, blankets, baskets, and wall decor too!  :)

Here's some more pics of the rug + little fall makeover:

For questions on where I got any of the other decor in this post, don't hesitate to ask!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Making the switch to Grab Green Cleaning Products!

Happy Wednesday friends!

For years now I have been using oils, buying organic food where I can, spray tanning my clients with organic solution, using natural skin care products, but I have never made the switch to natural CLEANING products in my home.  It's been hanging over my head!  I've known that I needed to get serious about the types of products I use for cleaning & laundry, but it wasn't a priority for me.

I confess, I'm guilty of buying Clorox disinfectant wipes for years, because they're convenient & always staring me in the face at the grocery store.  I'm guilty of buying whatever laundry or dish detergents were the quickest to find, or cheapest.  The truth is, these toxins are not safe or healthy to have in our homes.  I recently learned how poisonous the dishwasher pods are.  Not long after that I found Jace holding one in his hand after I turned my back for 30 seconds.  I had a mommy heart attack!  I also didn't like the fact that every time I wiped my counters down, the chemicals from those disinfectant wipes were seeping into my skin. 

One of the reasons I put it off was I felt like I had to spend an arm & a leg to get toxic free products for our home.  Boy was I wrong!  I'm so happy to say after putting it off all these years I found the PERFECT brand of cleaning products to use & I LOVE them!  We are now using Grab Green Natural Cleaning Products. 

Here's what I'm using & love so far:

All Purpose Cleaner (tangerine & lemongrass scent)!  I can't live without an all purpose spray to clean the counter tops, the GREASY stove from my top chef of a husband making ridiculous messes (love you honey), & the food caked to the table from the 3 messy lil' munchkins!  Guess how much this is you guys?? $5.00!!!! Yeah. My jaw dropped too.

I'm also using the dish washing detergent pods, which I'm so excited about because I hate regular dish soap & love pods... & knowing these are made with no dyes, chlorine or phosphates, I feel MUCH better about these.  They also out performed Cascade! Only $8.00 y'all!!!

Last but not least, I'm loving the laundry soap pods & dryer sheets in ROSE petal scent! Mmm! They work BETTER than my old detergent & dryer sheets & smell better too.  I don't like super strong fragrances & we all have sensitive skin around here, so these are perfect for our family. $12.99 for the pods & $6.25 for the dryer sheets.  Need I say more?!

So if you've been looking for a non toxic but AFFORDABLE option for cleaning products in your home, look no further.  There are a ton of other products on their website as well.  To see more, just go to:  I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Thanks for reading everyone & have a happy rest of your week!