Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The snuggle is real.

Good morning!

I can honestly say that I'm at a point in motherhood where I'm getting ENOUGH sleep!  This isn't because the kids are sleeping well either, it has a lot to do with our new Tomorrow Sleep mattress that I blogged about last month.  (The kids ARE sleeping pretty well, but I wouldn't be sleeping this great if it weren't for the best mattress on Earth).

We spend a lot of time in bed.  We're a family that likes to be lazy, cuddle, watch movies, cuddle some more, & SLEEP.  (I think Michael & I like the sleeping part more than the kids do).

If you haven't been sleeping well, have back pain, & don't LOVE your bed, you should consider a mattress upgrade already.  Seriously.  This is a hybrid mattress that uses coils & memory foam, & you get FREE mattress delivery! Nothing beats that.

I mentioned in my last post that there are sleep trackers you can get with your mattress as well, & the most CUDDLE worthy comforter EVER too, that I'm in love with.  (My husband knows because I steal it from him every night).

Also, I have good news.  If you're ready to upgrade your sleep life, you can get $100 off a $500 order using STEVIE100 (expires 12/31/17).  Go visit: Tomorrow Sleep's website to order.  (You can choose medium firm or medium soft, we chose soft!)

If you have any questions about this mattress, the trackers, etc... I'd be happy to answer!  Don't forget to follow my instagram page for daily updates on our life. :)

Have a great Wednesday!

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