Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jackson Five Announcement

It's been a Sunday doing baths, homework, & I have a client coming... but I had to hop on real quick & share some news!  No... I'm not pregnant again. I can't have another baby, we'd be "The Jackson Six" & that just doesn't sound right. ;)

WE GOT A PUPPY!!!  Meet Princess Poppy Felicia Jackson:

(I had to.)

Yes, we already have 3 kids & 2 chihuahuas.  Yes, we will have even more responsibility on our hands than we already do.  Yes, I am busy enough.  Let me explain why we made this decision & felt it was right for our family:

Almost 5 years ago, we lost Coco Chanel, our tiny black chihuahua.  Our dogs were "The 3 Amigos".  My husband was the most attached to Coco, & loved her SOOOO much.  When we lost her, it was devastating.  My husband took it the hardest.

Coco is the black one with the bat ears in the middle.

Michael has been asking since the day she died when he can get another Coco... but Coco could never be replicated.  She was special.  There will never ever be another Coco Noodle!

Around Christmas time I finally gave in & began searching for a new Chihuahua puppy for Michael. I have wanted the kids to experience raising a puppy because our 2 older dogs (Gigi & Dolce) came first & don't have a bond with the kids.  They felt like they were replaced by the kids & have always held a grudge.  I know that a puppy raised with the kids would be so special & something Michael & I both had in childhood that we want for them as well.

I didn't find a puppy in time for Christmas, so we saved it for Michael's birthday gift.  (His birthday is 2/4).  After a lot of searching, Michael fell in love with a puppy he saw for adoption & picked her up the same day.  Needless to say, we are all in love!

She's amazingly precious.  I've been posting a lot of pics & videos of her in my Instagram stories.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

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