Meet Stevie

@ Domestic Diva Stevie

I have always believed that a woman's home reflects the kind of person she is.  All along, I've wanted to see pieces of me around my house and finally God has granted me the courage to tap into the "Suzy Homemaker" hiding within me.
I am inspired by everyday life and a beautiful home; one that is personalized and gives comfort to everyone in it.
I love re-creating and re-decorating, planning parties, crafts and DIY projects, cooking, and want to learn how to sew soon!

I'm 29 years old, born and raised in Portland, OR and have been living in southern California for 9 years now. I married my wonderful, amazing, awesome hubby Michael on August 31, 2007 on a yacht in Newport Beach, CA where we live. On April 15, 2011 I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, Cole Michael Jackson. We are now expecting our second child, another baby boy due July 28, 2013! I feel so blessed to live the life that I do, God is so good.